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Aktuelle Informationen & Ausschreibungen

ERC Calls 2022

The new ERC Work Program for 2022 has been published under:


Highlights of the plan 2022 are


* Synergy Grants. After a break in 2021 this grant competition is returning and will open on 15 July 2021. Synergy Grants offer support for a small group of two to four principal investigators to jointly address ambitious research problems that could not be addressed by the individual researchers and their teams working alone. One of these principal investigators may be based outside Europe.


* Four Proof of Concept funding rounds will take place under this work programme. The first call will open in July 2021 for €25 million in grants of 150,000 each. Then in November 2021, the ERC will open a call with €25 million divided between three deadlines in February, May and September of the following year.


* Public Engagement with Research Award. After a successful pilot competition in 2020, the ERC will run the second edition. The awards will recognise three ERC grantees, with a prize of €10,000 each, in the three categories: “Involve” for citizen science, “Inspire” for public outreach, and “Influence” for media and policy. The competition is expected to open on 5 October 2021.


* As a measure to ease the Covid-19 impact for researchers, the work programme includes the possibility for applicants to mention in their research proposal (part B1) any specific situation caused by the pandemic that had a negative impact on their CV or track record. This will be taken into account during the evaluation of proposals. See also the Scientific Council statement.


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